Thursday, 28 June 2012

We have only gone and bloody done it!

28th June 2012

Cigars in the pocket, and cheap fizz loaded.....nearly there!!!!

The furthest point north! Dunnet head….smoking cigars we cruise up to the lighthouse.

Oh my god, those are some big cliffs! We may be at the the north of the north, but i am not going anywhere near that edge!

One place left to tick, John o groats.

Well, we have only gone and bloody done it!!!!

Blimey, it has not sunk in yet, its been about the journey, we have only really been thinking half a day ahead, and now we are here….woooh

Geez the wind is fierce! But not to strong to stop the cigars burning and the cheap fizz from popping .(did the formula one spray it all over the bikes….ha ha)

Had a reward beer at the Seaview hotel (played the barman a lil song too.ha ha)

Lets head back to Thurso for a couple of wee drams……

Couldn’t miss an opportunity….As we pass the church in the centre of Thurso I noticed a phone number on the front board….called it. Managed to sort out recording vocals next to the altar.

Great way to celebrate completion of the 1st chapter with a free tracking session in a church……

So many memories that fall into each day, so much film, photos and recorded audio. 
Its been so good to keep the blog, as everyday has been so full!

Looking forward to reliving and compiling the album……

1st September is the album release here for updates!

It has been an amazing trip, filled with adventure, great memories and recordings.

For anyone that would like to donate, I have set up a pledge page for a little help with the final production costs of the album ( a percentage goes to Great Ormond Street), here is the link:

I have also set up a Just giving page for donations direct to Great Ormond Street:
The whole trip has been self funded (so it should be ) but any help with the final production costs would be much appreciated!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

On the edge

26th June 2012

Singing songs about facing a fear whilst being scared. Don’t try this at home. Ha ha.

Inspirational places, we are so lucky to be able to do this, 1840miles of pedalling to find them.

Another “free tracking” session, recording the vocals for the track “liberty”

Lochs, mountains, history and thoughts.

The falls of shin….standing on the edge of the torrent, serenading the jumping salmon.

2 days from stage 1 mission complete.Staying in Tongue on the north coast tonight.

Thurso tomorrow......holey hole in a doughnut batman

In the pipeline

26th June 2012

“Erm! What are you doing?” said the man standing by the back of his truck.

“These pipes sound great!  I am cycling the furthest points of Britain and recording an album as I go, we are looking for things that sound just like this”

“fair enough, I’ve seen everything now” he laughed

The pipes had a weird echo/vibration……

Cycled up through Inverness to Dingwall and along the coast.
I cant believe that there is even a little bit of sun today! Woooo ha

Finished the day playing to the sunset over the highlands in Bonar bridge. (not that it gets that dark up here at the moment, still really light at 11pm)

We are hitting the north coast tomorrow.

Tongue, here we come

Monday, 25 June 2012

Going up in the world

24th June 2012

I always get an overwhelming sense of euphoria when going up on a chair lift…..but when I have converted one into a vocal booth the grin can open the door.. a haha.

Set up the mics, laptop, stands and went up and down in the gondola on the side of Ben Nevis, what a a place to start todays “free tracking” (recording in an inspirational location)

Lets have a looky look at lochy loch. 
The mountains fall into the water all around us, the water fades quickly from clear to black, deep and full of imagination.

The well of seven heads…..

A small set of steps leads down to the loch and then to the entrance to the well. A great acoustic chamber, enhances the low mid of the sound. A superb location for a rehearsal.

Back on the bikes, time is getting on and the legs are feeling it today. 
Because of the amount of rain over the last few days, the mountains around us have been streaked with white line waterfalls high above us.

We fly past a huge sound of running water and decide to go back and have a look.
The best water fall I have ever seen! 
Yes it was risky, but I didn’t think of that as we scrambled over the fast flowing water and climbed up the slippery loose rocks…worth it. But how do I get down….he he

Full of adrenalin we cruise along loch ness to the home for tonight.

Bonar Bridge tomorrow…4 days to go

Thought William

23rd June 2012

Shroud of cloud, Armnamurchan point to Fort William today, Roger was right! Its definitely remote….and when the weather comes in…..

We are staying in the foot hills of Ben Nevis…..its there….we just cant see it!

A moment to ponder with the “happy walker” as we roll into town…..

Will we see Ben Nevis tomorrow?

Saturday, 23 June 2012

The furthest west!

22nd June 2012

Islands disappear off into the distance and we can almost touch the clouds.

We are so lucky to be here and to be able to cycle through this area. 
The sky may be dark, but it just adds to the drama of it all.

A pile of old boats make a good stage, ghosts in the hull?

We push on and the clouds seem to part and let us through to Ardnamuchan point.
Wow! we are here, the furthest west point of mainland Britain......


So far, so far, 2535 kilometres.

Thanks to Kayleigh for letting me play in the light at the top of the lighthouse. ha ha
Amazing views of the surrounding islands.

We have made it this far.blimey

The clouds regrouped and the sky fell down.As it did, a tear in the clouds appeared and the sunlight beamed through creating the biggest rainbow I've ever seen.

Heading up for the furthest north and John o groats...but for now, Fort William maybe a little rain...ha ha